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Truckers are a vital part of the American economy. They haul the freight that keeps industries going, provides food for the country, and manages the supply chains of small to large businesses across the United States.

Safety has always been a factor in the trucking industry. Today, thanks to better technology and greater safety features in fleet vehicles, the industry is able to monitor all drivers more closely and ensure compliance with industry safety standards.

Trucking safety is not just about compliance. There are some basic reasons why top trucking companies place emphasis on safety throughout their companies. This includes drivers, fleet managers, dispatchers, and the entire management team.

Reduce Accidents

Maintaining trucks to required standards helps in reducing accidents caused by system failures. Training drivers to follow driver safety procedures, including following all mandated breaks and not driving over the number of hours allowed, helps to reduce the number of truck accidents.

Reduce Injuries

Approximately 11% of all deaths in traffic accidents across the United States result from a big rig accident. In these types of accidents, 97% of fatalities are individuals in passenger vehicles.

When drivers follow safety standards, there is a reduced risk of accidents due to fatigue, inattention, or driver error. This is not only important for those in passenger vehicles; it is also critical for truck driver safety.

More Experienced Drivers

When drivers are trained in proper safety procedures, they are able to enjoy their driving career. They keep working as drivers for longer, adding to the number of experienced, safe, and professional drivers on the highways across the country.

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