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What Our Customers are Saying . . .


Kudos to Craig Bates

Par Electric has sent a letter praising driver Craig Bates. "...commend Craig on the job he did for us. He was very professional, always on time, and had a can do attitude everyday, even thru the long hours we were working to try to meet this near impossible deadline. ...Your rear-steer trailer was put thru its paces every day. In fact he went thru a traffic circle for four loads in a residential area with 100'+ wood and never touched a sign or curbed a tire... Craig made quite the impression... "

George Bacon, Par Electric, Kansas City, MO


Outstanding response to an extraordinary emergency

As you know, we recently suffered through one of the worst snowstorms to hit the Portland area in 100 years. We had as many as 150,000 customers out of service, but never more than about 60,000 at any one time. Much of the credit for restoration of our customers goes to our employees and suppliers who, through their dedication and hard work, spent many hours under stressful conditions performing their jobs.

Leavitt's Freight Service was one of our suppliers who deserves special thanks for helping us in restoring service to our customers. Your quick and timely response providing us pole deliveries is very much appreciated.

It would be ideal to always have the necessary quantities of material available in a storm, but you and I know that is often not possible. Your support and quick response to our needs is of great benefit to our company and customers.

John R. Nobriga, Manager Sourcing and Contracts, Portland General Electric, Portland, Oregon


I know I can count on the team at Leavitt's

Thank you for keeping McFarland Cascade in a position of privilege with our California customers during the recent fire storms. Your dedication and professionalism is most appreciated and contributes to McFarland Cascade's long term reputation as North America's leading wood pole supplier.

I appreciate the outstanding response of Leavitt's to this extraordinary emergency, but that is nothing new. Leavitt's always has responded exceptionally well to emergencies. This was one of the most demanding and stressful situations we have been called upon to handle for our customers and you managed it well. I know this was a disorganized process at times, but you maintained your composure and made the deliveries happen. I can't express my thanks enough.

Please commend your staff and your drivers for their professionalism, patience and hard work in this most challenging of situations. Leavitt's is a first rate company. Let's hope we don't have an emergency like this one again. But, if it happens, I am glad to know that I can count on the team at Leavitt's Freight Service.

Ray Johnson, Distribution Manager, McFarland Cascade, Tacoma, Washington



2009 OTA Carrier of the Year

Presented to Leavitt's Freight Service by the Oregon Trucking Association. Awarded to companies that have made significant contributions to furthering the objectives of the OTA.

The OTA is proud to name Leavitt's Freight Service as our 2009 Carrier of the Year. Leavitt's has contributed significantly to the OTA and the trucking industry. These contributions include a commitment to safety and education through the participation of Randy Blue, Director of Safety and Driver Services. Randy is on the OTA Safety management Council Board and the Trucking Solutions Consortium.

Leavitt's contributions also include the work of Maintenance Director Don Prater who serves on the Technology and Maintenance Council, Eugene Committee. The committee has grown in its size and educational offerings considerably since is begin in 2008.

Owner Terry Leavitt also starred in a truck safety video put together by SAIF Corporation a few years ago that is still actively used throughout the industry to help reduce worker's comp accidents.


2008 Shining Star Award

Presented to Leavitt's Freight Service by the Springfield Chamber Greeters. The Shining Star Award is in recognition of leadership and dedication to Springfield, Oregon for 50 years of excellence.


2005 Gold Fleet Safety Awards

Presented to Leavitt's Freight Service for outstanding achievement in highway traffic safety for the year 2005 by Great West Casualty Company.


2005 & 2006 Excellent Employer Award

Presented to Terry, Ron & Duane by the shop and yard staff in deep appreciation for everything you do.