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Our History Set Us Apart

Leavitts Freight Service is all about Family

Leavitt’s Freight Service was established in 1958 by the Leavitt Family. It all began by providing transportation service to two main industries: treated wood poles and laminated beams. With a lot of hard work, determination and dedication to honesty, integrity and family Leavitt’s Freight Service blossomed into the dependable flatbed trucking company it is today serving the Western States of the United States

Leavitts & Daseke family

Expanding into the Future

Leavitt’s Freight Service continued its growth on the foundations it has in place. The Leavitts family recently joined the Daseke family. Cementing their best in class Flatbed Trucking reputation today and beyond.

Ron Riddle, CEO of Leavitt’s Freight Service (left), joins Rick Williams, CEO of Central Oregon Truck Company (right), as a member of the Daseke family. (Photo: Business Wire).

Our Proud History

Over many years Leavitt’s Freight Service has invested a lot into our modern fleet of specialized boom equipped tractors supports our flagship service. Our boom winches mounted in the bed of our modern trucks can transport poles, construction material and equipment to any chosen site from anywhere.

Leavitt’s Freight Service in 1958
Trucking Company since 1958
Leavitt’s Freight Service
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The Early Years…

Three brothers, Doug, Dean, and Dewey Leavitt established Leavitt’s Freight Service in 1958. The Company was founded and grew on two philosophies: integrity – an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and premium service – exceeding our customers’ expectations. Leavitt’s began providing transportation service to two primary industries: treated wood poles and laminated beams. Through hard work and perseverance, the original brothers established Leavitt’s Freight Service as the most competent and reliable Oregon carrier trucking these commodities. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, they pioneered the use of a chain driven boom to unload telephone and power poles at customers’ yards and at job sites. They were also among the first to utilize steer trailers to move over-length loads. Both of these services are still offered and comprise the current backbone of the company. These innovations helped the company to outgrow its original facility leading to a move in 1967 to our current seven-acre location.

Leavitt’s carrier

The Expansion Years..

During the 70’s Leavitt’s Freight Service moved literally thousands of loads of laminated beams into California. Like many other suppliers to the construction industry, we took part in the building of Silicon Valley and the expansion of the LA basin. Although our primary market was California, Leavitt’s also provided service throughout the eleven Western States. Prior to the deregulation of the trucking industry in 1980, the Company operated as a contract carrier with authority to haul out of Oregon and Washington. With deregulation, Leavitt’s Freight Service secured its common carrier authority and began to develop a much broader customer base. The 80’s brought a new level of competition to our industry through which the Company continued to grow.

Leavitt’s Freight Service Team

Legacy Continues…

In the challenging environment of the 21st century, Leavitt’s Freight Service remains focused on successfully serving our customers, attracting and retaining professional drivers, and maintaining an outstanding safety record. In the face of fluctuating fuel prices, rising insurance costs, increasing regulations, and continuing driver shortages, we are strengthening the company’s marketing position through an emphasis on safety, innovation, and dedication.

Since our start, we remain faithfully committed to operating the business with integrity and providing a premium service to all of our customers and employees.

Leavitts Trucks

The Future is Bright…

Leavitt’s Freight Service recently merged under the Daseke banner with Central Oregon Truck Company. Together we will continue the Leavitts traditions of Family, Honesty and Integrity. “We’re now an even stronger force in our region as we can grow together,” said Rick Williams, CEO of COTC. “We serve customers in 48 states and Canada with a fleet of more than 350 trucks, while Leavitt’s Freight Service is a dominant niche carrier on the West Coast. We will add to each other’s portfolio, while sharing resources.”

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