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Flatbed Trucking Jobs

Our Drivers Make Great Money And Enjoy The Work.

Up to and over $2,110/week

Choose Leavitt’s for Flatbed Trucking Jobs.

Whether a potential employee or a customer, Leavitt’s Freight Service looks forward to working with you! We offer a variety of freight services including long haul trucking for poles, engineered wood products, and other general commodities. Our people, experience, and fleet size make us the right choice for any job.

Type of Work You Would Be Doing as a Leavitt’s Driver

Transporting Poles

For nearly half a century Leavitt’s Freight Service has set the service standard in the regional trucking industry for the transportation and self-unloading of wood poles from the West Coast. Our customers know that when they choose Leavitt’s to move their poles, they are making a smart business choice. Our drivers are highly trained, well supported, and have all the right equipment to safely and conveniently transfer poles from Washington to California, and throughout the United States.

flatbed trucking jobsA Different Kind of Fleet

Every Leavitt’s truck is capable of transporting poles, allowing us to take on every load and respond to time-sensitive schedules. Our flatbed trucks can load poles up to a length of 135 feet and our modern fleet is equipped with boom tractors, enabling our customers to self-unload wherever you need us.

Why The Power & Utility Industry Relies on Our Flatbed Trucks?

For over 50 years, the power and utility industry had chosen Leavitt’s for transporting utility poles, knowing they can count on us for on-time deliveries. Our GPS-enabled trucks allow our customers to track shipments and monitor arrival times.

Our customers enjoy the convenience of utility yard deliveries and hole-to-hole spotting services. If you haven’t experienced the Leavitt’s difference, contact us today. You can even use this website to plan your next delivery. Our online estimator allows you to obtain rapid, accurate quotes for any pole movement! (Please contact us for authorization).

Terry Rueter - Engineered Wood

Hauling Engineered Wood Products

Since the late 1950s, Leavitt’s has been committed to the transportation of engineered wood products and other commodities on the West Coast and throughout the United States.


This includes:

  • Job site deliveries
  • Customer yard deliveries
  • Multiple pickups or drop-offs
  • Full truckload or partial shipments
  • Load widths up to 15′ wide and load lengths up to 140′

Shipment Locating

As this industry has evolved, so has our equipment and our expertise. Leavitt’s uses GPS equipped trucks for shipment locating. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, we moved thousands of loads of glu-lams into the Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles basin. In today’s economy, people typically demand time-sensitive deliveries of over-length loads of I-Joist into wholesale yards on light-weight equipment.


Pioneers of the Flatbed Trucking Industry

Leavitt’s Frieght Service has been an innovative leader in the flatbed trucking industry for over 50 years. Founded on two important philosophies, integrity and premium service, Leavitt’s has obtained years of success by focusing on the needs of their customers, maintaining an exceptional safety record, and hiring and retaining the best professional truck drivers in the industry.

Looking for Flatbed Trucking Jobs? Join Our Team

Ready to join our growing team of regional truck drivers? We are looking for experienced truckers who are considering an opportunity in the flatbed trucking industry.

Leavitts Freight Service provides their drivers premium benefits including employee health and vision fully paid, with the option to upgrade, and a medical expense reimbursement plan to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. They also offer time off, a 401k program, and retirement options with paid vacation that starts with 1 week at a year and goes up from there. We are looking for experienced truckers who are considering an opportunity in the flatbed trucking industry.

Our drivers are among the highest paid on the West Coast. If you’re interested in a flatbed truck driving job opportunity with Leavitt’s, applying is online and easy!

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