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What are General Commodities?

General Commodities

Transporting General Commodities

Leavitt’s is uniquely positioned to transport you general commodity load.  Our modern and safe Flatbed fleet will safely haul your load. Our drivers safely and efficiently transport general commodities from the West Coast throughout the U.S.

Transporting General Commodities

Delivery Flexibility

We will safely deliver full or partial loads of general commodities with load dimensions anywhere between 15’ (feet) wide and 135’ (feet) in length. We successfully deliver to customer yards and job sites anywhere in the US from the West Coast. And of course you can rest assured we will find you right on time with our GPS equipped trucks.

General Commodities Transport Service

From Poles to Engineered Wood and General Commodities

We don’t just deliver poles! Our Flatbed fleet is ready to deliver your engineered wood throughout the US from the West Coast.

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