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Since 1958, when Leavitt’s Freight Service was established by the Leavitt Brothers, they clearly understood what they were selling.  “Service”; they put it in the name to remind them daily. The brothers and their growing team built the Leavitts Flatbed Trucking business on “Quality Service” to their customers and their employees.  Over the years, Leavitts has built a reputation for treating our Flatbed drivers, staff and clients as our extended family. We constantly strive to maintain a work environment of integrity and honesty at all times. This setting provides the quality of service and logistics that means your load will always be delivered on time.

Our drivers make great money and enjoy the work.

Leavitts History
Leavitts History
Leavitts History
Leavitts History
Leavitts History
Leavitts History
Leavitts History
Leavitts History

Story of a Home Grown Flatbed Trucking Business

The Early Years…

Three brothers, Doug, Dean, and Dewey Leavitt established Leavitt’s Freight Service in 1958. The Company was founded and grew on two philosophies: integrity – an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and premium service – exceeding our customers’ expectations. Learn more

The Expansion Years…

During the 70’s Leavitt’s moved literally thousands of Flatbed loads of laminated beams into California. Like many other suppliers to the construction industry, we took part in the building of Silicon Valley and the expansion of the LA basin. Although our primary market was California, Leavitt’s also provided service throughout the eleven Western States.  Learn more

New Horizons…

In the early 90’s, the founding brothers retired and sold the business to two of the sons, Terry (Doug’s son) and Duane (Dewey’s son). In 1998, in recognition of his longtime contributions and value to the company’s growth and direction, Ron Riddle was brought into an ownership position with the company. His intense focus on our customer’s needs and transportation solutions has raised the bar for the company’s performance.  Learn more

The Future is Bright…

Leavitt’s Freight Service recently merged under the Daseke banner with Central Oregon Truck Company. Together we will continue the Leavitts Flatbed traditions of Family, Honesty and Integrity.  Learn more

Committed to the Transportation of Engineered Wood Products

Since the late 1950s, Leavitt’s has been committed to the transportation of engineered wood products and other commodities on the West Coast and throughout the United States. This includes: job site deliveries, customer yard deliveries, multiple pickups or drop-offs, full, truckload or partial shipments, and load widths up to 15” wide and load lengths up to 135”.

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Annual Miles Driven


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Average Fleet Age


Meet Our Team

Set the Service Standard

For over 60 years, the team at Leavitt’s Freight Service has set the industry standard for transporting our customers product. The team at Leavitt’s understand the meaning of Service. The current team that manages Leavitt’s is the third major transition team to take the reigns. The company is focused on Safety, insuring a safe work environment for all our employees. They are also focused on continuing the legacy started by the founders.

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