Recruiting talking points - Leavitts

Recruiting talking points

As Of April 20th, 2021

Minimum Driver Qualifications

Condition of Employment Standards

                                                                                  Class A CDL

– 1 year recent CDL driving experience

– Flatbed experience preferred, but will train

– 23 years of age or older

– No serious or disqualifying traffic violations within the last 5 years

Hiring Areas / Traffic Lanes / Home Time

                                                                                                                                                 (Three (3) Fleet Options)

                                                                                                                                       Dedicated “WEST COAST Traffic Lane”

                                                                            Run I-5 / Hwy 99 Corridor “Oregon, Washington & California”

                                                                                “Home Weekends for 34-hour Reset”

                                                                                Additional Home Time with Advance Coordination

                                                                                                                          Dedicated “7-Western States” Traffic Lane”

                                                                               “WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, UT, ID”

                                                                              “HOME TIME – EVERY OTHER WEEKEND – 2 Full Days

                                                                              Additional Home Time with Advance Coordination

                                                                                                                 Pacific Northwest – “Quad (aka Maxi) OTR Traffic Lane”

                                                                                  “WA, OR, ID, UT, MT – Canadian Drivers BC/AB”

                                                                                  “HOME TIME – MOST WEEKENDS – For 34-hour Reset

                                                                                  Additional Home Time with Advance Coordination

                                                                             Home Time Heavily Dependent on Location of Residence

                                                                                                                                     Home Time Note

Standard time off is defined as at 34-hour DOT HOS reset unless specified otherwise  

Additional time off (above and beyond 34-hour reset) available with advance coordination with dispatch 

Weekly Pay

Pay Periods run 0001 Tuesday through 2400 Monday (paid the following Friday)

Sign On Bonus

Orientation / Training Pay

A formal offer of employment is contingent on the recruit’s successful
completion of

Leavitt’s orientation course to include satisfactory completion of the
following items

(1) Road Test

(2) Pre-Employment Drug Test

(3) DOT Physical & Physical Capacity Test

(4) Successful completion of Leavitt’s Orientation Course

Provided the items previously identified are successfully completed

The formal job offer will normally be completed on Thursday of orientation week.

New Hire pay will be $1250 gross and covers first 8-days

(Monday “start of orientation” through the following Monday “payroll cutoff”)

Training pay thereafter will be $200 per work day verified via ELOG HOS through solo release.

Orientation Starts on Monday
Goal – release solo by ten (10) calendar days
Release based on individual performance
Housing/local transportation provided through solo release
Lunch provided Monday – Friday
$50 Gift Card Issues first day of Orientation
Travel to Orientation arranged with recruiter

Semi and Quad pay packages

Provides clear, concise and simplified methodology to Estimate / Quantify anticipated earnings.

OTR – Quad / Semi Base Pay Recap

Pay Rates are ALL IN and include Initial Load, Stop In-Transit, Final Unload,
Tarp Events, Trailer Switch, Border Crossing, Holiday Pay, Random DOT Drug Test, Safety
Meeting, On-Line Training & DOT Inspections, etc. As a flatbed carrier, Leavitt’s drivers will be
required to tarp product based on customer criteria.

Per Diem Pay

Each Tier level pay includes a flat weekly rate of $264 in Per-Diem, calculated using IRS guidelines.
The difference between the Tier total and this amount represents taxable earnings.
When the lower mileage tier is not reached, Per Diem will be calculated at $0.13 cpm.

Accessorial / ONE TIME EVENT Pay

Additive Pay Related to extenuating circumstances

When / if drivers are

(1) delayed through no fault of their own (other than events such as weather, traffic delays, etc.)
(2) Miles impacted by layover/breakdown
(3) They are diverted with their agreement to hourly/dedicated operations.
Additional compensation at the individual hourly rate will be forthcoming when approved
by the Director of Operations and paid via the One-Time-Pay-Event process.

Base Hourly Rates

Loyalty Pay:

Loyalty pay begins to accrue on the first mile you run, based on the below scale: Loyalty pay is not earned until
you reach your date of hire anniversary. If you are not employed on your anniversary day, you will not receive
any Loyalty pay. As a general rule, OTR Quad/Semi drivers will receive the CPM Loyalty Pay unless they are
assigned to Dedicated Operations.

Truck/Equipment Specifications

Mixed Fleet of Kenworth / Freightliner power units

Semi 265” WB / Quad 244” WB

Average age 1.85 years

Newer KW units have APUs

70” Sleepers w/Invertors

Heated / cooled seats

12 Speed Auto-shift transmissions


GeoTab ELD / Communication System

SmartDrive Camera System

Truck Parking

Allowing drivers to take their trucks home is a benefit to the driver from a productivity and home time perspective, however, Leavitt’s does not pay for truck parking outside the Springfield Terminal. If drivers reside in an area that is not conducive to parking at the Springfield terminal, they will have the primary responsibility for locating a safe and secure parking location and providing the parking location information to Leavitt’s for review and approval not later than the time the employment agreement is signed.

In the event of extended time off (7 days plus), drivers may need to secure the truck at a location designated by the company

Medical Benefits

Eligibility – 1 st of month following 60 days of active employment

Consultation with a COTC/LFS Medical Advisor available for more detailed feedback

Retirement Planning – 401(k) Plan

You may elect your deferrals to be made on a before-tax basis thereby reducing your federal income tax (traditional 401(k) deferral). You may also elect Roth 401(k) deferrals, where your deferrals are subject to income tax at the time of deferral but the deferrals (and the earnings on the deferrals) are not taxed when you receive a qualified distribution from the Plan.

If you contribute to the plan, you will share in our company match. The matching contribution is 100% of the first 3%, and 50% of the next 2% that you elect to contribute. The maximum matching contribution is 4% of your pay.

Don’t leave free money on the table! You may invest your contributions in any of 23 professionally-managed investment funds. To make the investment selection process easy, we provide target date investment options which you may select based on the year of your expected retirement. I also strongly encourage you to take advantage of our professional Investment Advisor, Joe Stork, with Next Financial Group, Inc. He would be happy to assist you in developing your personalized investment plan.

Sick Leave

40-hours of Sick Leave per calendar year / prorated from hire date through next Jan 1 st .

A maximum of 80-hours balance can be carried as of 1 Jan annually
Use or lose / no cash out option

Time off / Leave of Absence

Time Off

Time off request exceeding the routine 34-hour DOT HOS reset are processed through the Driver Manager at the earliest possible time to accommodate preplanning to satisfy time off needs.

Leave of Absence

At times the Company will grant short or prolonged leaves of absences without pay provided the duration
does not exceed 30 calendar days.

Rider Policy

Leavitt’s will permit riders after 60-days of employment. Minors must be family members of 12 years old or older.

Pet Policy

Leavitt’s allow pets with a deposit. Pet policy is restricted to dogs of 50lbs or less OR
2-dogs with combined weight not exceeding 30lbs.

Talking Points receipt/understanding acknowledgment:

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