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CDL Driver in Leavitts Flatbed

Our CDL drivers make great money and enjoy the work.

$1,300.00 Sign on Bonus with guaranteed Transition Pay @ $1,000/week for 8 weeks.


Pick Leavitt’s for CDL Driver Jobs

At Leavitt’s Freight, we require all of our drivers to have a CDL (A). Flatbed experience is desired, but we will train CDL Drivers to Leavitt’s securement standards. Supporting oversize movements is optional, and you determine when or if you want to participate in this specific portion of our business. With a focus on balancing earnings and quality of life, we work with you to design an individualized program to meet your wage and home time expectations.

Leavitts CDL Driver on the Road

What Does CDL Stand For?

Professional truck drivers are required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). To qualify for a CDL, all applicants must pass a written test on rules and regulations. They must also demonstrate that they can operate a commercial vehicle safely

What are the Different Types of CDLs?

Class A CDL Driver

Class A CDL License – Any combination of vehicles weighing 26,001 or more pounds provided the vehicle(s) being towed is over 10,000 pounds. You also need this license to drive across state lines.

Class B CDL Driver

Class B CDL License – Any single vehicle weighing 26,001 or more pounds towing a vehicle, under 10,000 pounds while driving only in the state in which it was issued.

Benefits of Becoming a CDL Driver

There is no denying that the American economy relies on the trucking industry. CDL drivers are responsible for bringing goods all across the country, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy each year. If you’re looking for a new career path, you might want to consider becoming a truck driver. Here’s why:

CDL Driver in Flatbed Hauling Commodities

It’s a Huge Industry

It’s true; the economy needs CDL drivers – so you know you will always have a job in the industry. Trucking freight volume grows every day, and the demand for new CDL drivers gets higher and higher. Companies are continually looking for dependable, trustworthy, and qualified drivers to transport their goods and products. Whether you’re looking for long haul trucking or regional trucking routes, as a driver, you will always be able to find work.

Lots of Freedom

A lot of freedom and flexibility come with being a truck driver. A lot of people assume that truck drivers are never home, but most drivers can achieve the perfect work/life balance because they have the freedom to set their own schedules. For example, a Leavitt’s regional truck driver will stay in a specific region of the country, providing them with a generous amount of time spent at home with family.

CDL Driver entering Leavitts Truck
Merger Handshake

Great Income and Benefits Package

There is a ton of income potential as a CDL driver. Typically in your first year, you can earn around $35,000 – $40,000. However, with signing bonuses and bonuses for safety and retention, your salary can increase up to $10,000. Most experienced truckers earn at least $55,000 a year, including benefits and paid vacation in most situations.

At Leavitt’s, our CDL drivers are among the highest paid on the West Coast. Leavitt’s pay is based on Cents Per Mile (CPM). Our Flatbed qualified CDL drivers earn more based on their work and production. We also provide a comprehensive benefits package with health insurance and vision fully paid.


Leavitt’s Freight Driver Finishing Program (DFP)

Do you have less than two years of experience as a driver? Our Leavitt’s Freight Service – Driver Finishing Program Syllabus dated 1.1.2019, will send via separate email is designed specifically for the needs of an entry-level driver (those with less than two years of experience). This program accommodates two different entry-level scenarios for:

  • Entry-level drivers who have some experience but less than two years
  • Entry-level drivers who are graduates of an accredited CDL school


At the Leavitt’s Driver Finishing Program, entry-level drivers are trained to the same standards as experienced drivers and support by a team of operations and safety specialists. Drivers that graduate from Leavitt’s DFP will possess a marketable and highly sought-after skill set, which can produce a high-level of income potential.

Looking for Flatbed Trucking Jobs? Join Our Team

At Leavitt’s, you’ll find exceptional training, industry-leading pay, and a job that’s built on honesty, integrity, and family since 1958. We are always looking for experienced CDL Drivers who are considering an opportunity in the flatbed trucking industry. If you’re interested in a CDL driving opportunity with Leavitt’s, applying is online and easy!

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